joint meetingBUTUAN CITY – A total of 110 members of the Regional Inter-Agency Committee (RIAC) participated in the First Simultaneous Sectoral Inter-Agency Meeting held at Goat2geder Hotel and Restaurant last June 9.

The activity was a gathering of the different committees of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Caraga, namely: the Regional Inter-Agency Committee Against Trafficking – Violence Against Women and Children (RIACAT-VAWC), the Reg’l. Council for the Welfare of Children (RCWC), the Reg’l. Inter-Agency Committee on the Filipino Family (RIAC-FF), the Reg’l. Council on Disability Affairs (RCDA), and the Reg’l. Inter-Agency Committee on Senior Citizens/Reg’l. Coordinating and Monitoring Board (RIAC-SC/RCMB).

The sectoral committees aimed to synchronize and harmonize their meetings for efficiency in addressing issues and concerns to come up with recommendations along their accomplishments for the first quarter of the year.

Likewise, the activity served as a venue for cross learning and sharing of best practices among inter-agency committees.

“This is a unique activity. It truly is a venue to strengthen the capacity of our respective offices. It also displays the dynamic organizations within the DSWD. We look forward to the next sectoral inter-agency meeting,” enthused Gloria Pabillore, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer (PSWDO) of Agusan del Norte. ###(Social Marketing Unit)

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