Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS)

 It is a provision of integrated services such as immediate rescue and protection, provision of direct financial and material assistance, and referrals for medical, legal, psychosocial, temporary shelter, and other services to clients through the Field Offices’ Crisis Intervention Units (CIU).

Target Beneficiaries/Clientele

  • —  1st Priority: Indigent Families under NHTS – PR
  • —  2nd Priority: Families belonging to the Informal Sector
  • —  3rd Priority: Poor, marginalized and vulnerable/ disadvantaged families
  • —  Individuals and families in crisis situation needing social welfare and development intervention especially those who cannot be accommodated by the LGUs and clientele groups;
  • —  Abandoned, abused, neglected and exploited children and adults;
  • —  Victims of disasters
  • —  Individuals and families categorized as transient, stranded and displaced
  • —  Deportees, repatriates and victims of trafficking
  • —  Individuals and families with no adequate means to provide for medical, hospitalization, transportation, burial and other immediate needs

Types of Assistance and Services

  1. Limited Financial & Material Assistance

—  Medical Assistance, Burial Assistance, Transportation Assistance, Educational Assistance, Food and Non Food Assistance

  1. Referral Services
  2. Counseling/ CISD
  3. Rescue Operation
  4. Augmentation to Disasters 
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