• A residential institution that provides protection, care, treatment and rehabilitation to abused and exploited girls below 18 years old.
  • The Home for Girls in Caraga Region is a project of DSWD Field Office XIII jointly ventured by the Butuan City Government and the Rotary Club of Butuan North (RTBN). The city government donated the 6,521 square meters lot while RTBN gave some financial support for the construction of the building and outdoor facilities. The center started its operation in November 1997. Since then, it has accommodated and provided appropriate services to the sexually abused, exploited and maltreated children in the region based on their needs.


Social Services
These are interventions that seek to restore/develop social functioning of the residents from admission to discharge and to prepare them for family reunification and community reintegration. Case management is in place and indicated by the presence of a multidisciplinary team utilizing counseling casework, group work, family/group individual therapy and others.

Homelife Services
These refer to daily activities that promote a wholesome family life. It include provision of basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and other personal amenities and the development of values and appropriate social skills that will enable the residents to relate well with others.

Educational Services
These are the opportunities for formal, non-formal and special education in preparation for independent living upon discharge from the center.

Health Services
These refer to provisions for medical and dental examination and treatment, psychological evaluation, psychiatric assessment as well as the special dietary case.

Livelihood Services
These are income generating activities in preparation for future economic independence. These include the various skills training provided by the center to the residents.

Recreation and other Cultural Activities
These are activities that promote the physical, social and cultural development of the residents.

Spiritual Enrichment Activities
These are activities that seek to enhance the moral and spiritual development of the residents which enable them to recover and move on with their life.

Community Participation
This refers to the involvement of residents to the activities designed to develop their sense of social responsibility and community belongingness.

After Care Services
These refer to the services such as monitoring, supervision and support services provided by the Local Government Units (LGUs) to the minors from the center.

How to avail of the services?

1. Walk-in
The client can go directly to the Home for Girls on her own or accompanied by her parents/guardians or other relatives.

2. Referral
DSWD Field Offices, other government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), local government units, people?s organization, church groups and concerned individuals, refer the client to the center.

3. Outreach
The client is directly contacted by a social worker.


1. Social Case Study Report
2. Medico-Legal Report
3. Birth Certificate (photocopy),
4. School Records (if needed)
5. Parent/s consent
6. Copy of Sworn Statement of the mother (if applicable)

Contact Person:

Center Head
Address : Purok 4, Barangay Bonbon, Butuan City
Telephone : (085) 226-5127

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