help desk gaisanoBUTUAN CITY – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has continuously campaigned for legal adoption as the whole nation celebrated the Adoption Consciousness Week on February 6-13, 2009. The theme for this year’s celebration “Isulong Legal Na Pag-aampon, Hindi Simulasyon,” aptly conveys the message of DSWD against simulation of birth.

Simulation of birth is the altering and tampering of birth certificates of newly born babies, and registering names as parents other than biological parents. According to DSWD Caraga Director Mercedita P. Jabagat, this is a criminal offense punishable by law. Punishment could be by prison mayor of 6 years, 1 day to 12 years if proven guilty and a corresponding fine.
With the Department’s continued campaign against simulation of birth, Dir. Jabagat called on Caraganons to help prevent such unlawful act. She also urged especially those who want to adopt to do it the legal way to protect the child as well as themselves from being exploited.

In this celebration, DSWD Caraga has lined up several activities such as radio interview/guesting, orientation of the members of the Area-Based Standards Network, setting-up of adoption help desks in the five provinces of Caraga, and a regional forum with the prospective adoptive parents or PAPs. # # # (Social Marketing Unit, February 26, 2010)

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