soliman day careBUTUAN CITY -In her recent visit to Surigao City to grace the Surigao del Norte Day Care Workers Convention, DSWD Secretary Corazaon “Dinky” Juliano Soliman said the hope of our children is in the hands of the day care workers because they help form the children’s consciousness – of knowing what is wrong and what is right.

Talking to the day care workers, Soliman told them “do not teach the children sexy and macho dance.” She said children should be taught dances that are appropriate for them.  She stressed that Philippines has beautiful folk dances and calisthenics that the day care workers can teach to the children.

It can be recalled that Secretary Soliman has issued a press statement on the Case of the Child “Jan-Jan” Shown in Willing Willie, condemning the emotional abuse and humiliation bestowed on Jan-Jan, a six year-old child contestant in one of the episodes of Willing Willie show aired on TV 5 last March. # # # (Social Marketing Unit)

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