pppBUTUAN CITY – In line with the government’s public-private partnership (PPP) agenda, the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s (DSWD) flagship anti-poverty project, KALAHI-CIDSS recently conducted a Partners’ Forum with the business sector, this city.

The forum aimed at engaging members of the business sectors to “put their marks in the development of the society especially in alleviating the poverty situation in the region.”

As of this writing, three (3) possible partners have expressed their interest in forging a partnership with KALAHI-CIDSS. These are Gawad Kalinga, Starjed, and ILoveKinaiyahan.

In the following months, DSWD will conduct a series of dialogues and field visits for these partners and introduce them to critical activities of the community-driven development technology employed by KALAHI-CIDSS in the communities.

The PPP strategy is expected to attract nongovernment organizations, private sector volunteers and the business sector to help and partner with the government on the various development projects.

Assistant Regional Director Mita G. Lim stressed that PPP will bring a new message to all stakeholders that “nation-building and development should not only be the role of the government, all the needed partnership the project can get from all walks of life is deemed best.” ### (Social Marketing Unit)

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