Home is a haven where a child should be pampered like sweet chocolates, cared like soft cotton candies and showered with lots of kisses from members of the family. Unfortunately, some children remain in daydreaming as they dwell in the midst of nightmare.

“Sana huwag na po akong paluin. Sana hindi na ako ikulong sa kwarto. Sana hindi na ako tawaging tamad. Sana po ay umabot ito sa INYO.” A child’s wished as he wrote these messages in an airplane made of paper and let it fly hoping someone will hear his pains. Today, if we look at the statuesque of our community many are still in the battle for their rights against abuse and harassments.


The Regional Committee for the Welfare of Children (RCWC) headed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) led the Third (3rd) CARAGA Children’s Congress 2012 held in Almont recently. The objective of the forum is to educate the youth about their rights, issues, needs and concerns of children. The Chief of Institutional Development Division of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Angelita B. Amista tackled the Four (4) Gifts to Children and Child 21. “Our primary goal is to create an enabling environment for children to grow and develop their full potential at every stage of development.” she said. The Regional Committee Welfare for Children Focal Person, Golda V. Pocon lectures on Child Protection Policy and United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. “Every child has the right to be treated equally even with children’s who need special care.” she said.


The Butuan City SPED, one of the participants, gave a heart-warming plenary presentation as they portray the violence which experienced by other children. Other participants came from Bacuag, Tubod, Jabonga, Remedios T. Romualdes, Magallanes, Nasipit, Buenavista, Home for Girls, Trento, San Francisco, Cabadbaran and Tubay.

The youth was also given the opportunity to speak about their perspective on violence against children as part of their activity. Kerr John Carlobos and Kyla Prado were elected as their representative to the Regional Committe Welfare for Children (RCWC) in CARAGA.

How can I help reduce or stop violence against children in our community? Think a thousand times and have a helping hand.### (Social Marketing Unit)

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