(Upper left photo) Regional Director Minda B. Brigoli delivers her opening message to welcome the workers of Kalahi- CIDSS Caraga in their Team Building Activity at Amontay Beach Resort, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte on August 22- 23, 2013; (Upper right photo) A participant tries to fill the container while his group mates are covering the holes around the canister with the use of their hands to win the Fill the Leaking Drum game; (Lower photo L-R) One group of participants merrily perform their group chant parading their flaglets and banner crafted from the materials provided by the facilitators.

Spirits of bliss and fun atmosphered Amontay Beach Resort, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte on August 22-23, 2013 as 163 workers of DSWD’s Kapit- Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan- Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi- CIDSS) Caraga headed by Assistant Regional Director Mita Lim, Regional Project Manager, had their Team Building Activity.

The workshop had the theme “Maintaining High Momentum in Social Service Delivery Through the Positive-Minded, Kind-Hearted and Open-Handed KC Workforce”. It was organized by Elsa Montemor, Regional Project Coordinator and was facilitated by Glezza Ty, Training Specialist III, Ma. Teresa Ole, Training Specialist II and Robelene Becero, KC Regional Training Officer.

The participants will be able to work as a team more effectively and efficiently for improved program implementation, they will get to know more about their co-workers and foster a closer relationship among them, and they will be able to articulate the importance of team work in the workplace and identify and demonstrate the different values in working as a team were the objectives of the workshop.

A mass served as an opening activity celebrated by Father Nercipino Obos of Sta. Ana, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. It was then followed by a short program. Regional Director Minda Brigoli graced the event with her presence and stated in her welcome message, “Every time we meet is a happy moment.”

For the succeeding fun games and team building activities, the participants were grouped into four through count- off basis and were given the freedom to decide for their group names. The teams formed were: Pinakbet, Highlanders, The Krushers and Team Most.

Dance exercises as energizers leveled up the liveliness of the participants. Pop the Balloons, Arrange Yourselves,  ‘Eagle, Archer, Wall’,  Holahoop Game, Pass the Ball, Find the Missing Card, Obstacle Race and Leaking Drums were the fun games played. Group Chants, flaglets and banners were also presented by the participants who were able to come up with remarkable and creative outputs.

After the games, a processing activity was done by the facilitators as part of the workshop to digest and to get the participants’ learning insights.  The following were their observations and comments:

“I have observed that people are really participating and each is exerting his/her best efforts in every game. Also, the activity is really a break for everyone from the very labor-demanding work”, said Maredith Julve, Finance Analyst III, representative from team Pinakbet.

“In the Holahoop Game, for the team to win, there must be synchronization”, commented Engr. Warren Rey Baluya, Deputy Area Coordinator of RTR, member of group Highlanders. This was interpreted as the importance of consistency and congruency in vision, goals and action from the workforce of KC to be more effective.

“There is a difference between best and excellence. For you to be the best, you have to defeat the other teams. But for you to have excellence, it’s within your individual performance in every game. Both the instincts of best and excellence are present in the teams. That’s why others didn’t want to settle for defeat”, added Engr. Wilfredo Maquiling Jr., Deputy Area Coordinator of Alegria, member of The Krushers. It may be an explanation why the KC Workforce in Caraga got many star trophies of recognition because of being driven by the desire to be the best and thus offering excellent service.

“In every game, there is someone who leads and others follow. Also, in order to win, strategizing is a must” said Ma. Teresita Gacus, Municipal Monitor of Surigao del Sur, representative of Team Most. Her statement only attests that the KC Workforce understood the importance of unity in working.

In the serenity of the evening in the resort, the participants paraded their Hawaiian costumes being the motif of the Socialization Night. The talented KC band serenaded the attendees. Bennette Dave Calo, Finace Analyst III, and Maryfel Jerios, Municipal Monitor III, hosted the night party. Each unit of KC Caraga also prepared presentations for the Tagisan ng Galing Talentadong KC. The sweet couple, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ty, Training Specialist III and Monitoring and Evaluation IV, also presented a duet followed by a song intermission by Ramil Taculod, Management Audit Analyst.

The night activity was concluded through the announcement of winners for the Tagisan ng Galing Talentadong KC from which the Engineering Group championed as pronounced by Leah Quintana, Regional Information Officer.

In the Awarding Ceremony hosted by the facilitators the following day, Team Most was announced champion of the overall games. The Krushers got the 1st runner up post followed by Highlanders, 2nd runner up and the Pinakbet, 3rd runner up.

In the raffle draw, some gift items like Bibles, tumblers and shawls were given to the lucky participants whose numbers in the attendance sheet were drawn from the lots prepared by the facilitators.

“The activity was very relaxing despite the very dynamic games, but I enjoyed much”, said Hazel Grace Nacua, Community Facilitator of Kitcharao.

“Through the event, there is an improved relationship of the co-workers with one another. Those who didn’t talk to each other before, now already chat. I’m happy I joined the workshop”, commented Hazel Dagani, Finance Analyst of LeadGov.

The team building was indeed a happy moment for KC movers. It gave them time to unwind and to socialize with their fellow workers that resulted in a more cohesive KC team.

Through the activity the unfamiliar became familiar and the once strangers became friends.

A well- founded camaraderie and teamwork among the KC Workforce will serve as model for target communities to emulate upon, and will be considered a very effective tool in delivering KC’s advocacy which is community- driven development through people participation. ### (Social Marketing Unit)

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