I was once asked, “Having the mandate to care for the most poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged (PVD), how can you say that your agency genuinely cares?”
For 66 years, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has seen the realities of the society in a different perspective. The DSWD sees beyond the multi-faceted poverty as it envisions a Philippines free from hunger and poverty, with every Filipino having equal access to opportunities, enabled by a fair, just, and peaceful society.


To discern, feel, and act on the needs of the PVD sectors have been the ministry of the compassionate DSWD. As a welfare agency, it serves as the heart of the Philippine Government showing compassion and love at its finest.


Showing love and compassion is tough, and it would have been tougher if we are alone in this journey. However, we are so thankful that we are blessed to have active partners and stakeholders in development work-the Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Academe, People’s Organizations (POs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), media, partner-beneficiaries, and program participants.


It had been a rough start this year as our region has encountered various calamities that again challenged the high-spirited Caraganons. Typhoons, continuous heavy rains, LPAs, tail-end of the cold fronts, 6.7 magnitude earthquake, flooding, and armed conflicts occurred in the first quarter. This was a sure challenge to our LGUs in providing immediate response to its constituents. However, we have ensured the timely and adequate response augmentation to these emergencies and calamities.


Much has been seen and done in the passage of almost three (3) months for this calendar year. Nonetheless, the whole workforce of DSWD-Caraga shall continuously commit ourselves to constant improvement and quality service. We consider ourselves blessed to have been doing this ministry work for the poor.


With this, I took a deep breath and in tears I dared to answer my own profound query on what it is really the embodiment of genuine compassion. To truly care is when you still do even if it hurts, even if it’s tiring and even if it’s difficult. It is not about sacrifice, but it is in a pure acceptance that a true public servant will never have the golden seat.


We hope that through the contents of this website, we will all be inspired to compassionately serve and provide a maagap at mapagkalingang serbisyo!



OIC Regional Director

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