BUTUAN CITY- The Listahanan field workers of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has started to conduct the house-to-house interview as the 3rd round household assessment in the region commence on October 22, 2019.

STARTING OFF WITH A BANG: Listahanan field workers open the 3rd round household assessment with a flash mob at the Guingona Park, Butuan City on October 22, 2019.

The assessment will be conducted by DSWD-hired enumerators, who will be conducting the interview inside the homes using the Household Assessment Form (HAF), which contains questions about the household’s socio-economic status and household roster and information. Rural barangays will be saturated during the assessment, while pockets of poverty will be utilized for urban/highly urbanized barangays.

DSWD Caraga Regional Director Mita Chuchi Gupana-Lim encouraged the community to cooperate on the said assessment since pertinent information/data gathered from the households will be the basis for the identification of beneficiaries of programs and services, not just from the DSWD, but also from other agencies, LGUs, NGOs, who are implementing Social Welfare and Development programs.

“We are encouraging the household to let our field workers to come inside their house and conduct the interview. We also ask our respondent to answer the question honestly as we want to gather correct, complete, and accurate information,’’ Director Lim said.

Regional Field Coordinator Aldie Mae A. Andoy is reminding the public that the assessment will run for 45 days, and the Field Office would like to cover all targeted households within the timeline.

“For our data collection phase, we are only given 45 days to assess more than half a million households. Therefore, the community should grab every chance to be assessed as the results will be the basis for the development of social protection programs (intended for them),’’ said Andoy.

Listahanan enumerator collects information from the respondent using the HAF at Brgy. Upper Doongan, Butuan City.

The agency is reminding the public that the assessment is an official activity of DSWD, and to ensure the safety of the households, especially in protecting their personal information, to ensure that the persons conducting in interview are DSWD workers. Enumerators will be wearing their official identification cards (IDs) and will be wearing their Listahanan vests (blue-colored vests).

During the interview, the respondent, either the household head, or the person who will be interviewed must answer all questions properly – they must ensure that the one answering the question knows the details of the information of the members of the household. They are encouraged to clarify the questions if they do not understand, so that they will be able to give the correct response.

Respondents are then reminded to complete the interview process by affixing their signature or thumbmark on the declaration part of the HAF, and ensure that the enumerator also affix their signature. This means that the respondent gave their consent for the interview and attests that the given information is true. Stickers will then be posted at a visible part of the house, most preferred is the front door, as a proof of assessment.

Prior the deployment of the field workers, the Listahanan met with the Area Coordinators and Area Supervisors for the final coaching and briefing for deployment.  This is to ensure the success of the 3rd round household assessment.


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