Ms. Glezza Tambaba-Ty, wearing a yellow Pilipiña, was named as the 2nd Place Winner for the National Gawad HUWARAN (Mahuhusay, Wasto at Responsableng Lingkod Bayani ng DSWD) Award for 2019, during the PRAISE 2019 Awarding Ceremony at DSWD Central Office, Batasan Hills, Quezon City last January 27, 2020.

Ms. Glezza Tambaba-Ty has been with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for over 13 years now. In that span of time, she was able to rise from the ranks, working her way from being a field staff of the Kalahi-CIDSS program, to being the section head of the Capacity Building Section (CBS) as Training Specialist III.


In those 13 years, she has proven herself as being one of the assets of DSWD FO Caraga. And for her hard work and excellent performance, she has named as the 2nd Place winner for the National Gawad HUWARAN (Mahuhusay, Wasto at Responsableng Lingkod Bayani ng DSWD) Award for 2019.


Schooled in Community Development, an active member of Iglesia ni Cristo and with blood of a cultural indigenous community (Subanen), the nominee is a strong advocate of equality and fairness.  She ensures the Department’s delivery of capability-building interventions and other services provided by the section is need-based and provide equal opportunities to all partners.


Conscious of the differences of individuals and of (cultural) groups, and of special rights accorded to them, the nominee has ensured that IDCB intervention designs and implementations are of character that not only respects their rights but more importantly provides a space for them to practice these.  The nominee is even capable of communicating thru sign language.


Ms. Ty has been a critical factor in the success of the CBS, a section that capacitates partners and stakeholders of the agency’s programs and services. The services offered by the section maximize the use of the government’s resources despite the meager budget allocation for its operations.  For example, the Regional Learning Commons (learning resource center) managed through the section, caters not only the needs of DSWD staff but also external partners.  The nominee, leading her team, is instrumental in the setting-up of the systems and popularizing the services of the facility for maximum use of the intended users.  As such, more DSWD workers at the Field Office and other regions (including Central Office), partners from the academe, regional line agencies (RLAs) and civil society organizations (CSOs), private researchers and students now avail of the services of the center.


Through her leadership, the nominee has mobilized her team to maximize technology to provide access to users even online.  As such, FB pages of Caraga SWD L-Net and DSWD Caraga Regional Learning Commons are developed to help disseminate information about the services of the network and facility respectively.  Client satisfaction surveys are also administered to get feedback from customers on the quality of services provided by the section.  Vulnerable sectors (PWD and senior citizens) are also given preferential accommodation considering their limitations, i.e. access to RLC located at the third floor of the office building.


As head secretariat to the Caraga SWD L-Net, Ms. Ty has actively led the network towards a sustainable and productive path. She has been able to mobilize partners from the Caraga Social Welfare and Development Learning Network (SWD LNet) to help shoulder the cost of the network’s operations to include the regular meetings, knowledge sharing sessions, learning visits and Inter-School Quiz Bowl (division and regional levels).


Through her leadership, good ideas and good initiatives have been put on the table to ensure the success of the section, and even the SWD LNet. During meetings, the nominee creates an avenue for sharing of ideas rather than imposing her idea to the group.  More importantly, she upholds the principle of public accountability by looking into the possible consequences of the proposed actions in every issue or concern raised for discussion.


Despite the work pressures, the nominee is able to display positive disposition at work, having produced her deliverables on-time or ahead of schedule and with quality that is expected or even beyond the requirements.  These accomplishments, the nominee, credit not only to herself but to her colleagues as well, showing her magnanimity and effective coordination and collaboration skills.  Positive feedbacks from customers and performance ratings of the nominee support her good working relationship with internal and external partners, which is aligned to the core values of the Department.


The nominee is a Knowledge Management Catalyst in her own rights. Designated as the KM Focal Person of the Field Office, the nominee has ensured the achievement of DSWD Caraga performance commitment along knowledge product development and submission beyond the requirements of the Department.  Since the inclusion of said target indicator, the FO has consistently received a perfect score of 5.  This won’t be made possible without the brilliant ideas and support of the team mobilized and sustained by the nominee to review the KPs through its series of meetings and knowledge sharing sessions.  The nominee has ensured that the team activities also become a venue for continuing learning aligned with the organization’s journey of becoming a learning organization.


With the desire to promote knowledge management in the Field Office, the nominee encourages more workers to develop more KPs and institutionalize knowledge sharing during conferences, forms and other appropriate venues.  Through her leadership of the KM Team, the FO has endorsed many KPs for sharing at DSWD Central Office and as entries for the RLRC Incentives for Notable and Valuable Technology on Expanding learning (INNOVATE) and KM Productivity, Recognition, Innovation and Development for Effectiveness (PRIDE) contests.  In 2018, the Good Practice Documentation on Community Finance Management (CFM) System of KALAHI-CIDSS won the Best GP Category at the national level.


Ms. Ty is among the decorated workers of the Field Office, withinternal and external recognitions under her name. She has also led the CBS to several recognitions and awards – a great validation of her leadership skills.

As testified by her colleagues, her positivity radiates to all of her staff, colleagues and external partners which made her leadership all the more credible and respected. She is objective in resolving issues and conflict in the office and strives to come up with a win-win solution in a just and fair manner.


Indeed, Ms. Glezza Tambaba-Ty is one of the FO workers who have greatly contributed to the excellent performance of the DSWD Field Office Caraga. Her perseverance and hard work for the past years has been crucial in the FO’s success.

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