In preparation for the Digitalization for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office Caraga, Special Assistant to the Secretary for e-Governance Julius Gorospe and Information and Communications Technology Management Service (ICTMS) Director Christian Joseph Regunay visited the Field Office to conduct a consultation dialogue with the Information Technology Officers on June 19, 2023.

SAS Julius Gorospe and ICTMS Christian Joseph Regunay paid a courtesy visit to Field Office Regional Director Mari-Flor A. Dollaga.

This is in connection to the initiative and directives of Secretary Rex Gatchalian to digitalize the Department, creating a more effective and efficient organization in catering the needs of the clients.

Prior the conduct of the consultation dialogue, SAS Gorospe and Director Regunay, along with OIC-PPD Chief Aldie Mae Andoy and RICTMS In-Charge Raffy Pocon, paid a courtesy visit to Field Office Director Mari-Flor Dollaga.

“I am committed and willing to support the digital transformation journey of the Department until it becomes a reality. I will remain faithful and deliver, based this year’s goal – the digital transformation,” Dollaga said.

Part of the consultation dialogue was the presentation of the existing information system of the Field Office, site visit of RICTMS data center, as well as to address ICT concerns. ###(Social Marketing Section/DSWD Field Office Caraga).


IT Officer Marwin Valeroso presents the INFIMOS system of the field office during the Consultation Dialogue on June 19, 2023 at Pavilion, Butuan City.
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