Medianera. Median. The point that’s neutral. Where the lesser and greater begins. The center of the endless possibilities. This is the very concept of this centenarian’s role in the life of her family, the median, the center of moral – her kindness, her faith, her love, and in her example, they live and they love.

On a Friday, 9th of June 2023, DSWD Field Office Caraga visited Nanay Medianera Uy of Butuan City as she has just recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

As a family known for being entrepreneurs – they live simply, humbly, and kindly. It shows in the eyes of the centenarian who patiently waited for her turn to say her piece.

When asked about the secret to a long life, as it has always been asked, she said as her eyes started to tear up, “Ang sikreto ko mao gyud ang atong Ginoo (My secret has always been our Almighty God).”


“Ako nag ampo nga ako iyang tagaan ug maayong kinabuhi uban akong mga anak ug ako nagpabiling malipayon uban kanila [I always prayed (to God) that He gives me a good life together with my children and up until today I live a happy life with them],” the gratitude felt in every word as Nanay Mending adds.


“Ako ilang gitagaan sa tanan nakong mga panginahanglan- akong mga pagkaon, akong tambal, ug akong mga caregiver nga nag guide sa ako adlaw-adlaw. Salamat gyud sa Ginoo (They give me everything I need – my food, my medicine, my caregivers who guide me each day. Thank you so much Lord).”

Nanay Mending acknowledges that her children are God’s instruments in keeping her well especially at 100 years old and she has always been grateful to God for that.

Together with the Agency is the Senior Citizen Focal of Butuan CSWDO Ms. Josefa Tan, the Council of Barangay Holy Redeemer and the Federation of Senior Citizens Association (FSCAP).

Inspired by this story of gratitude and reflection, DSWD Field Office Caraga will continue to work on its mandate to deliver a maagap at mapagkalingan serbisyo and acknowledge that the Agency and its workforce are God’s instruments to help better the lives of the Filipino people.

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