With today’s media trends and fads centered on the worldly and the mundane, it is heartening to have a glimpse of some positivity. Not every day, social media is swamped with encouraging stories – stories of heroes bringing hope and compassion to those in need. Recently, Mr. Irwin Olano took to social media to share his profound appreciation for a group seldom thanked and appreciated – GOVERNMENT WORKERS.

For more than two years, Mr. Olano has walked a challenging path, securing medical assistance for his father’s medicines and hemodialysis procedure and further availing himself of his father’s hospital bills through the AICS program. Yet, beyond the financial lifeline, he found comfort in the service of the DSWD Caraga staff – the Angels in Red Vests.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Mr. Olano shines a light on the Agency’s remarkable client accommodation. From frontline warriors to dedicated social workers, he commends their dedication to going the extra mile for those facing tough times.

“One time, I forgot one document and instead of asking me to go back home, she just asked to send it via messenger and printed it for me. When the social worker I was assigned to couldn’t get hold of the Pharmacy via phone, she asked me apologetically to wait a little further and offered me a complementary meal stub which I readily availed in their canteen. Did I say they are polite with patience that can stretch the entire San Juanico bridge?” Mr. Olano shared.

In an interview with Mr. Olano, he told DSWD Caraga that the assistance from the Agency had been a significant help to his father and his family, but how the staff assisted him in availing of the program made it easy and smooth.

“Dako kaayo og tabang ang significant amount gikan sa AICS. Abi nako one-time ra maka-avail pero kaupat na na-ospital akong papa, naa gyud ang tabang. Nasulat nako akong post [Ma’am] out of gratitude sa inyong ka maayo (The significant amount from AICS was a big help. I thought I could only avail it once, but my father has been hospitalized four times, and the help is there. I wrote my post out of gratitude for your kindness),” Mr. Olano shared.

Furthermore, he writes, “I think what set[s] them apart from other government agencies offering services that are availed by clients [belonging to the lower strata of society] is their human resources, from personnel manning the frontline to social workers assessing each client’s case, going the extra mile.”

As his uplifting story echoes within DSWD Caraga, the Agency extends warm gratitude to Mr. Olano and sincerest prayers for his father’s healing.

With his heartfelt statement, Mr. Olano has shared the reality of the plight of clients that the Agency’s frontliners face each day. Mr. Olano’s story inspires the men and women of DSWD to continue to serve with genuine compassion, as it is an honor for the Angels in Red Vests to serve with compassion.

Together, the men and women of DSWD will keep making a difference in the lives of those who need it most, for this is the mission and vocation of DSWD.

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