The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Caraga is actively urging organizations and individuals interested in research to embrace the agency’s research agenda for 2023-2028.

The Research and Evaluation Agenda 2023-2028 outlines the key areas the Department aims to focus on in the upcoming six years. This strategic plan aligns with the broader goals of DSWD, supporting its overarching strategic plan and policy agenda within the social welfare and development (SWD) sector. The agenda underscores the critical role of research and evaluation in generating evidence-based insights.

As part of the advocacy campaign, Research Focal Person Eric Descartin is making rounds in the selected municipalities of Caraga Region for the distribution of Research and Evaluation Agenda 2023-2028 briefer.

This also aligns with the National Evaluation Policy Framework (NEPF), which mandates that agencies to use evaluation findings for recommendations and appropriate management responses to improve program effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability.

In particular, the emphasis is on encouraging aspiring researchers to align their work with the priorities outlined in the DSWD’s research agenda during the current year. This initiative aims to promote engagement and collaboration between the DSWD Field Office Caraga and individuals interested in research, fostering a collective effort to address the identified priorities and contribute to the agency’s goals for the specified period.

The following are the research and evaluation agenda thematic areas: 1. Improved delivery of national social protection and SWD programs; 2. Strengthened capacity of Local Government Units (LGUs) to deliver social protection and SWD programs; 3. Enabled laws and policies relevant to social protection and SWD programs; 4. Immediate disaster response and early recovery ensured; and 5. SWD agencies compliant with SWD standards. The results of this research will guide developing policies to tackle persistent and emerging SWD issues across sectors and guide DSWD in creating policy directives and programs that offer practical and suitable interventions for these challenges.

With this, the Field Office invites researchers from the academe, research institutes, development partners, private organizations, and individual researchers to consider this proposal for future research endeavors. The (R&E) agenda is anticipated to bring benefits to diverse sectors. For those who are interested, the agency can provide the list of priority topics, just send queries to or by visiting the Field Office.

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